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You can also join our organization on GitHub. Send an email message to info@markupdeclaration.org with your GitHub username asking to join and we’ll get an invite back out to you as soon as we can. You can click on the link in the invite email to join, or you can click on the invitation that will appear at the top of the main Markup Declaration page after the invite is sent:

Markup Declaration Invitation

After you’ve accepted the invitation, that’s it, you’re in!

After you’ve joined, please consider changing your status to public. That will let others see your support for Markup Declaration on GitHub.

To make your status public, navigate to the MarkupDeclaration page and click on the “People” tab.

Markup Declaration People

Find your name in the list below and click on the pulldown initially labled “Private”:

Markup Declaration People

Change that to “Public” and your support for Markup Declaration will be visible to others.

(This step is entirely optional, you’re still a member even if you don’t choose to make your membership public.)

Talk directly to a human

To contact an individual about the contents of this website or one of our social media accounts, email us at info@markupdeclaration.org, “@” us on Twitter, or, if you want to propose changes to these pages or suggest other activities, create issues or make pull requests on GitHub.